Friday, September 12, 2014

Random Update

Here he is, in all of his glory:
So close to another page finish, but not quite yet.  He is so handsome, and scary!  I love the eyes and the detailing is just amazing.  
With no back stitching done on the HAED charts, it amazes me how they can do that.  Fine work!  Kuddos to Michele and her team!

Other than that, we didn't get the house we put the offer on.  They never even answered us...  We were then told that the realtor has a bad name in the business.  Not a good thing.  Guess we didn't want that one after all...  (but I did and still do).
On to bigger and better things right?  We will keep looking.

Daughter is doing good in school.  She has decided she wants 7 classes instead of 6, so her schedule will be changing shortly.

Have a great weekend everyone!