Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween Wordless Wednesday

My pumpkin that I carved for a carving contest at work.
My daughter as the Queen of hearts.
 After I did her lips.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Are you afraid of clowns?

Howdy everyone!  I have more followers.  Welcome and thank you for following.
Before going into my weekend and the events that happened, I would like to say that I hope everyone on the East Coast stays safe!  I am hopeful that Sandy is not as big as they say she is.  You will all be in my thoughts and prayers.

Let's see..  So my weekend was quite busy.  Friday night I really don't remember what we did, but I know we got home later than normal and I slept horribly that night. 
Saturday was filled with laundry and running around trying to get stuff done.  I got a little bit of stitching in on Unleashed, but not much. 
Sunday we went to Fright Fest.  Oh my, it was fun.  We took my nephew with us, as he knows the lay of the land.  We went to all of the haunted houses.  They were much much fun.  I got scared a few times, but it wasn't horrible.  I think the thought of someone being around each and every corner was scarier than there actually having someone be there.  Hope that made sense.  I didn't take too many pictures, as you can't inside the houses.  But we did get a few pictures walking around.  The clowns were awesome. 
Speaking of, holy crap a lot of people are afraid of clowns!  I was in shock of the amount of people that would seriously flip out if one came near them.

We didn't get home last night until after 10:00pm and we were all quite tired.  My feet are still hurting me today and my bunches said he is hurting as well.  Dearest Daughter was of course just fine.  (Nephew was fine also).  Oh to be young again!  To turn around and get up at 5:15, I was not a very chipper person this morning, nor am I chipper now. 

If you have a Discovery Kingdom around you and are able to attend their fright fests, you should do so.  They are great fun.  Of course, if you have a small(er) child who should not be taken through them houses, please do not do so.  The amount of adults who were taking their 7 to 8 year old children through amazed me.  Seriously people?  No one wants to hear your child scream at the top of her voice that she wants to get out and not go into any more.  Only for you to take her to the next one....   Dolts!

I keep seeing the WiPocalypse around and I don't believe I will participate in that.  However, I am occasionally seeing people post regarding something where they have a new start for each day of January.  Where would I sign up for this for 2013?  Any information/links would be appreciated!

Until next time, peace out!  lol

Friday, October 26, 2012


Tis Friday.  And I'm tired.  ^Like that, although that isn't me, it might as well be.  I feel like I could just sleep just about anywhere right now.  The floor looks good and I know that the janitorial service doesn't vacuum in here very often. 
How do I know that you may be asking yourself?  Well about 2 weeks ago I dropped part of a goldfish cracker.  (Well that's not even a real fish. No, that's a goldfish cracker.) - Matthew Perry on Friends.
Do you see it?  I mean seriously people, vacuum the damn floor!  Isn't that your job? 
Anywho.  Even with that on the ground, it still looks comfy...  maybe not right there, but you know what I mean.  Yeah, you do. 

I am going to try my hardest to work on Unleashed this weekend.  We might go to fright fest though, not sure yet.  Maybe I will do a little on Siberian Forest if I think about it.  My heart is with Unleashed though.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Update and link to a Giveaway!

Mii Stitch is having a Giveaway.  I love give aways!  Follow the rules and enter if you can!

So a small life update.  My hubby started school again, I think I put that on here somewhere.  Anywho, he got 29 credits transferred over from his school he was going to, so to get his A.A.S. it should only take a year rather than two.  This makes me very happy.  He also has put in an application to work at the school in their IT, so he would get experience as well.  I am hoping that he gets it, so keep your fingers crossed. 
Dear Daughter is going to be the red queen from Alice in Wonderland for Halloween.  We are going to get her hair dyed probably Monday or Tuesday of next week.  She has been wanting red anyways, so that works perfectly.  She actually chose the red queen partly because of the hair color... lol!  She has her costume and all of the accessories to go with it.  We bought that about a month or so ago.  (Wanted to make sure that she had what she wanted before everyone started selling out of stuff.

I have been working 11 1/2 hour days this week, so I have not been stitching at home at night.  With not a lot of sleep, I don't want to stitch only to have to frog it later.  I have done enough frogging on Unleashed to last a lifetime, thank you very much.  I am working on him on my lunch break still, so he is getting some love.
Siberian Forest isn't getting much love at all.  I haven't stitched on him for about a month and a half now.  And my fairies I am doing for my daughter haven't seen the light of day in years....

Welcome to my new followers! 

Everyone have a great day!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wordless Wednesday (almost)

5 tornados touched down in Northern California.  (Picture from CBS Sacramento). 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend update

Welcome to Monday.  It was an okay weekend.  I got no stitching done whatsoever.  I got to hang with my bunches on Friday.  He did a few things at school and I waited for him.  Got to see a girl get chased by a turkey, it was a good time!  Gobble gobble gobble!
We went and bought my bunches a new jacket, it is a trench coat and he has wanted one forever.  We are having it dry-cleaned now.  We are paying more for it to be cleaned than we did when we purchased it.  (Aren't 50% off sales wonderful)!  He also got a new pair of slacks as well as he has to dress nice for school.
Saturday and Sunday pretty much run together.  I don't feel like I accomplished a whole bunch, but I do feel like I got a few things done. 
DD asked last night as I was getting her settled into bed, "why are the weekends so fast?"  Yeah, I don't have an answer for that other than they just are.  There are too many days included in the "work week" and not enough in the weekend.  Someone needs to do something about this!
It started raining last night, and was still raining when we left this morning.  I love the rain, but I hate driving in it.  Just add water to the people that don't know how to drive and it makes them 1000 times worse!  There were quite a few accidents and the commute to work was very slow. 
The Giants play tonight, in game 7.  Although I am not a follower of baseball, (please, don't throw anything at me), I root for the bay area teams, so I am rooting for the Giants to win tonight.  Go Giants!!! 
Just an FYI - I do follow football and I am a Raiders fan!   This man happened to be on a flight I took last year coming back into the bay area.  Had to take a picture!!

I've been checking out quite a few blogs lately and have added some on to my following list.  I really enjoy looking at others cross stitchy work.  (And other crafts).  I also noticed a have a few more followers!  Welcome and thank you. 
I started page 9 of Unleashed today at lunch.  He is looking very good if I do say so myself.  My half year goal on HAED is to have pages 7 thru 9 complete, so I have to get crackin!  I am going to bring him home with me tonight and see if I can finish off the first color of this page.  I am hope full that I can.  I don't have to cook dinner tonight, so that will help quite a bit.
Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, October 18, 2012


It's my Friday!  I get to take tomorrow off to spend with my bunches, (that's what I call my hubby).  Our daughter is staying the night at a friends house tomorrow, so we get some alone time for a little while.

I finished re-stitching the 2499 stitches on Unleashed.  Here is a pic:
He is wrinkled, but there he is.  I don't have an iron at work, ha!  Since he had to come off of the qsnaps to get gridded, I thought I would snap a quick picture of him.  I think he is looking wonderful. 

On a completely separate and sad note, I am thinking about my mom lately.  I really miss her. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

October TUSAL and Hubby Update

Georgia, Gooorrrrrgiiaaaaaa!  Sorry...  eh hem...

Here is my October Tusal pic: 

That is from the beginning of the year to current.  My bag at work, (you can see a corner of it), and my glass at home have now been combined into one.  Tada!  I think I am more than ready to grab me some empty ornaments and make a couple, what do you think?

My hubby started school today, he is going to his A.A.S.  I am so proud of him!  He is going to be doing hands on work plus he gets to do an externship. 

I got no stitching done this weekend... my own lazy butt fault.  I sat and watched Charmed, (as I am almost done with the series).  Not much else got done either.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Interesting Acronyms

In the adventures of perusing the interwebs, I often find things of interest.  Other times, things of oddness. 
Something I found that interested me - Background - I keep my threads in a bag (at work) and a glass (at home) for approximately a year.  I am going to make an ornament with it, but since I have been doing a lot of dark stitching (mostly black) I wanted to add a bit of color to it.  If you don't know, these old ratty threads have a name, which is ORT.  So, for future reference I will refer to my bag and glass as my ORT jar.  In my perusing different blogs, I found a lot of people mentioning a tusal.  They all had pictures of their ort jars and stated it was their monthly tusal update.  So, I finally found out what it is, and it is explained here: TUSAL 
In short tusal means totally useless stitch a long.  A nifty acronym if I've ever seen one.
I have joined, so the next full moon, which I believe is the 25th of this month, I will be combining my ort jars and posting a pic. 

Quick question, what does this acronym mean?  TLA

Have a great day everyone!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

You don't say...?

Well, it seems I have followers.  Wooohooo!  Thank you, and welcome! 

Update on my gift certificate that I won through HAED, I am still looking through the site.  I do have a wish list, but it just seems wrong to not look through all of the lovely charts that they have available before I make my decision.  I will let you all know what I have picked, (once I do).

Last night my hubby found out that he didn't get the job he was hoping for.  I know he is upset about it and it hurts me to see.  I was really hoping he would get this job, and I know he was too.  All things happen for a reason, at least I believe so.  But why is it taking so long for him to get a job?  There has to be a reason.  I thought it was because the "perfect" job was out there waiting for him.  And I swore that this was it, but apparently it isn't.  He is going to ask if he can do anything to try and get his foot in the door, maybe that will help some.

Darling daughter has a school dance this Friday.  She went to one last year, but that was it.  Her school has about 3-5 dances a year.  I am glad she is going, that is an experience that all people should have, if they have the ability to.  I hope she has a great time and I am looking forward to hearing about it afterwards. 

I know this is supposed to be wordless Wednesday, but I had to update and vent a little.  I will try harder on Wednesday's in the future.  So now, I leave you with a picture.  Have a wonderful Wednesday and see you all soon!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

I won

Pull the Other Thread (check out her blog) had a contest for a $20.00 gift certificate for HAED and I won!  I am amazed, and so happy!
Now I get to puruse the HAED site and see what I will get with my certificate.


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What is with people? (Take 1)

As I am sure there will be more, this is take 1 of "What is with people?"
There are times when I just don't understand people. Take my co-workers for instance.  Sometimes I get it, I really do.  Other times, I have to ask myself, WTF?
Why would you put donuts in the fridge?  They get stale and nasty.  Yet, my co-worker thinks that is the best way to keep them fresh.  I thought it was to store them so they are in an air tight container.  My bad.
Some people have to have the attention all on them.  I believe we all know someone like this don't we?  (I am not talking about a co-worker now).  I have tried my best to keep these types of people at arms length.  I have never really understood how these people work internally.  I don't see the need for someone always fawning over you.  I like the fact that I don't need someone paying attention to me 24/7/365.  How tiring would that be??
There are those that just scare the fricken crap out of you.  I swear one of the ladies that works with me (not a direct co-worker), has Schizophrenia.  Either that or multiple personalities.  I'm not really sure which, but she scares the crap out of me! 
There are those that are fake, yet try their hardest not to be.  I personally think you can tell the difference between those that are trying not to be and those that just don't give a rats ass. 
There are those who don't care what others think.  I personally was raised to think for myself.  Besides the people that mean the most to me, I really don't care what other people think of me, how I look, dress, have my hair, makeup or any other aspect of my life.  And to some points, I don't care what those closest think about me on some things.  I guess it just depends on what it is. 
I guess there are always going to be people that we don't like, get along with or just flat out hate.  I know hate is a strong word, and I don't believe it should be used lightly.  I have very few people I hate, less than a hand full to tell you the truth.  But I dislike a LOT of people.  Shocker?  heh

That is it for my rant today.