Wednesday, December 9, 2015

December 9, 2015

Hola!  I think it's time for an update, what do you think?
I am working on page 22 of Ruh and enjoying the time with him.  I was out over Thanksgiving and was out sick Monday, so I didn't get stitching time in with him for a bit.  Plus I was taking naps at lunchtime at work, so there's that...
Anywho - Here he is:
I told you I hadn't worked on him much.
I need to get moving on my Giraffe at home.  I need to finish 2 pages by the end of the year if I want to make my goal on the HAED BB.  I am hoping that I can get it done.  I have not put more stitches into it yet.

I got new q-snap covers, this is one of them.  The other is at home on Gir.  I got them from Lindy Lou's Super Covers on Facebook.  Go check her out!
I am also addicted to needle minders now.  Here is my current stash, (missing some that I just bought and the ones I keep at home for stitching), that I have at work:
All but 1 of these I got from Gina's Unique Needleminders on Facebook.  Look her up, she does more than just needle minders!
My Jack had an issue with his head... it kept falling off.  So Gina sent me a replacement and I glued his head into his hand.  (Like in the movie).

Ha!  I love it so much!!  
Anywho.  That is it for me today.
Happy stitching!