Friday, February 22, 2013


It will be all over the place and possibly confusing.  I apologize for that up front! 

That right there is deer sausage.  The one on the left is with Jalapenos and Cheese.  The other is a breakfast sausage.  One of the higher ups at work had it made out of a deer he got and offered us some.  This is my haul.  I haven't had deer sausage before, but I am hoping that it is good.  My bunches wants to take some to his co-workers as well.
It's national margarita day!  So make sure you enjoy one!  On the rocks, blended, your choice!
I am hopeful that I will be enjoying one this evening. 

You know what that is?  Yo Sushi!  We decided last night to give it a try.  Hubby suggested it.  (What, he doesn't like sushi).  I had spicy tuna and Nigiri (tuna, salmon, hamachi, ebi, unagi, white tuna and tako).  Daughter had california rolls and Nigiri (tuna, salmon, hamachi, ebi and unagi).  Hubby had Teriyaki chicken, beef and 2 pcs of shrimp and a side of shrimp tempura.  And hubby tried my spicy tuna and he liked it.  So now he wants to try more.  Woohoo!  Btw, I really liked this.  I have the leftovers with me today for lunch and I am really looking forward to it.  So fresh and tasty.  Amazing.

I have decided that with the glow in the dark floss I got from Jo, I am going to make a nice little ghost and see if I can do a little ornament.  I have a sewing machine, I have just never used it.  It intimidates me a bit.  I'm not sure why, but it does.  I downloaded a few freebies off of and I think they are a good size to start with.

So I mentioned a couple of posts ago about a giveaway that I am going to be doing soon.  A few more details: The giveaway itself will be done in May, (because that is when my birthday is).  The sign ups for the giveaway will begin next month.  You will need to be a follower if you would like to put your name in.  There will be possibilities for you to have multiple entries. 
I am getting everything together for the giveaway, (details and such), and as soon as I have it all together I will post it so that everyone can enter if they wish.

I turn 40 in May.  40!  I don't feel like it most days, but some days I do.  I am not sure what I want to do for my birthday yet, but I do want to do something.

Happy Friday everyone!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wordless (Almost) Wednesday

We don't get snow in these parts, so to see this in the morning and during the day while at work is beautiful.
Behold, Mt. Diablo:

Picture courtesy of

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Look what the mailman brought

Awhile back, I won Serendipitous Stitching's contest for Halloween.  You can check out her blog here.
So on Tuesday we received in the mail a notice that we had a envelope that was being delivered registered mail and that we had to sign for it.  My hubby signed in the box and left it in the mail box Wednesday morning for the mailman.  When we got home Wednesday evening, the card was in the mailbox and apparently my hubby signed in the wrong spot.  (Even though it really looked like he signed in the correct spot).  So we decided that since we both had Friday off, we would just pick it up on our way to go running errands.  I could not figure out what it was.  
At the post office, my hubby inside, I thought, huh, I wonder if Jo sent the package to me by registered mail, and she did!  My hubby came out with an envelope addressed to me from England.  Joy!
So, here is what I saw when I opened my package:

Cute little pumpkin sticker!  Beautiful purple and pink tissue paper.  What was on the other side?
This little guy!
And what was on the inside you ask?
Well this is the back of the little ornament.  And here is the front:
I love this little guy so much.  Adorable!  I want the pattern so that I can create my own and give some away.  He will hang up year round, I just haven't found a great place for him yet.
This lovely pattern which I plan on stitching soon.
A lovely magnet which now resides on my fridge.
Glow in the dark floss!  Not sure yet what I am going to make with this, but you can bet I will be using it!
Halloween themed charms.  I love these little guys.  So adorable.  
The letter Jo sent with it all.  I love the frog sticker at the bottom.
And here it is all together.  

Thank you Jo!  I love every thing you sent.  

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

My bunches and I don't really celebrate Valentine's Day.  We tell each other and show each other our love every day, so there is not really a need for a certain day to be overly loving than another in both of our eyes.  I have in the past received gifts from him on Valentine's day, but I really don't need them, nor do I think he should pay the raised prices for items you can get most any other day for 50% less. 
Don't get me wrong, I love the surprise when I get flowers or a present.  But to me, if I get those on a day that isn't "special", it means so much more. 
When I was younger I really thought that it mattered that I received something and gave something for this holiday.  I heard on the news this morning that 53% of women would end their relationship with their significant other if they did not receive a gift for Valentine's Day.  Seriously??  That to me is just sad.
I you are someone who exchanges gift for Valentine's Day, good for you.  I mean no ill will or hard feelings or hurtfulness toward you in any manner. 

In honor of today, here is a picture of my bunches and I on our wedding day, back in 1996. 
Happy Valentine's Day all!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

February TUSAL

For those that don't know, the TUSAL (or totally useless stitch a long) is organized by Daffycat here: Link

Straight on:
I can not figure out why it won't let me  turn it... it's bothering me.  As you can see, there is a bit of yellow in there from Pikachu!.  
*I am adding the current month in with last months, so this is February on top of January.

From the top:
Just a little bit of a different view.  
Contributors to this months ORT's are: Pikachu!, Mario and Ruh.  I had nothing to add from home, so this is all from work and the car.

Stay tuned as I will be doing a giveaway soon!

Happy Crafting.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Here he is all done up and ready to be magnitized!

The next time you see him, he will be a magnet!

The grades, The party and The Stitching

First I must say I am proud of my daughter:
English, History, PE, Art, Math and Science = all A's.  Both first and second quarter.  I am so proud of her.  She had a few B's at progress report time, but she was missing some assignments.  Since she turned them in, it brought her grades up to A's. 

Secondly, her party went off rather well.  Ended a bit differently than we initially thought, but that is okay right?
There they all are, 11 kids and 4 adults, 1 which you can see.  Dearest daughter is in the front with the purple/black checkered pants on.  They all had a great time jumping and having fun.  I enjoyed it as well.  She got some great presents and a bunch of cash.  We initially were going to take her shopping after her party, but her cousin asked her to spend the night so we decided that we will go shopping next weekend.  She is fine with that.
Of course this morning when she woke up, she has a sore throat and a head ache.  She went to school, so I am hoping it isn't too bad.  She will be calling me soon to check in and I will find out how she is feeling.  I am hoping that she is doing well and isn't too bad. 
Thank you all for your kind words when I wasn't feeling well.  I felt pretty good when I woke up last Friday and have been good ever since. 
Thirdly, today, I finished page 9 of Ruh.  So here is page 9:

Isn't that lovely?  And here is page 1 - 9 complete:

I started gridding page 10 and counted wrong, so now I have to fix it...  Not happy about that.  But better than stitching it and then realizing I was off by 2!  Tomorrow I will finish gridding and then on to stitching page 10!  So happy about that!  He is looking marvelous I think, but of course I am a bit biased.  I am really liking the black fabric too.  I am glad that I chose to re-start him.  He just pops right off of the fabric I think. 

In other news:  I would like to welcome my new followers, I am now up to 30!  Although I did not take part in the GYB party, I am slowly going through the list of 400 blogs and I am finding some great stuff!  So to all of my followers, thank you for coming and reading my ramblings.  I really appreciate all of the comments, feedback and general goodness that you bring along with you.  Cheers to you all!

Have a wonderful evening and happy crafting to all!