Monday, February 23, 2015

February 23, 2015 Update

This is going to be short and sweet since I have a migraine...

I didn't post last week due to the fact that I was sick all week.  No stitching was done.

So here is Ruh as of February 20th:

And here is my TUSAL from February:

And here is Jan and Feb combined:

Sorry for the short post.  I will be posting again later this week with more.  Including a win off of one of the GYB events, dearest daughters birthday party, new haircuts and more!!

Until later,

Friday, February 6, 2015

February 6, 2015 Update (Not of the stitchy kind though)

So I haven't worked on Ruh in 3 days and I don't think I am working on him today either.  Tuesday & Wednesday my daughter didn't have to be to school until the afternoon, so I worked from home and took my lunch to drive her to school and then drive in to work.  Yesterday I was so tired at lunch that I took a nap.  Today, we have a company wide meeting so I won't get a lunch (probably).  So, there really is no update on him.  :(

We did go to the AOD-Con last weekend and I have a couple of pictures to share.
2D, Murdoc and Zacharie
On the left is 2D from the Gorillaz (the band), in the middle is my daughter dressed as Murdoc, also from the Gorillaz.  On the right is Zacharie from OFF.  (I have never seen OFF, so I don't have any reference).
Hatty Hattington
Her bff that dressed as Zacharie, also dressed at Hatty Hattington.  (Not sure where Hatty is from).  
Zelda, DD, Link
She loves Zelda and Link and we found them!  She had to have her picture taken with them, and she loved it.  She is super shy sometimes, and I think you can kind of see that in this picture.
Murdoc with no makeup
On Sunday she didn't put on the green makeup.  (It was a pain in the ass to remove).  This is on our way back home, we stopped to feed the girls.  

She had a great time, as did her friends.  There were a lot of people dressed up and it was fun to see them get their pictures taken left and right!  They felt famous.

We are having a small get together this Sunday for her, to do cake and presents.  Mainly for the people that were not super happy that we didn't have a party.  

That is about it on my end.  I am sorry for no stitchy update, it hasn't been a good week for it.  At home, I am still bobbinating the floss for the giraffes.  Hopefully I will be done by next weekend.  I would love to start stitching on that!

Until next week!