Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Angel and Oreo got to open their presents this morning!  I think they are loving them.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

ORT Ornaments

Festive and a little shiny.  Here are my 3 ornaments made from my ORTs of 2012.

A Catch Up, not ketchup

It's been a little crazy around here.  Sorry for the shortness of posts lately. 
I haven't done my ORT project yet, so there are no pictures of that to share, yet. 
I have been working on Unleashed every day but do not currently have an updated photo of him.  Soon, I promise.  I am trying really hard to get page 9 done by the 31st.  I am hopeful that it will happen. 
I am working on getting my 15 projects together for the 2013 Ultimate January Challenge.  I think I have everything, so I will be posting that soon.  I found out you can have current WIP's in there, so Unleashed will definitely be one of my 15.  I have 2 other HAED's in there as well.  1 is the 2013 freebie SAL piece, Literate Dragon and the other I am not 100% on yet.  I have to pick and choose between the ones I have.
I had a few people note that I have quite a bit more ORTs at work than I do at home.  My reason is pretty simple I think, I am pretty much guaranteed an hour to stitch at work on my lunch hour.  I sit at my desk, put in my ear buds to listen to my music and tune out everything else, and I stitch.  I have pretty good lighting here and I rarely get bothered by anyone during my lunch hour, so it's all good.  I have a full set of DMC here with me at work, my craft scissors, my highlighters, pencils, extra needles, ORT bag...  I have a full set up going on up in here!  LOL  When I get home, well that is another story.  I am doing things at home, or I am so tired that I don't want to stitch (just to have to frog everything the next time I pick it up).  I also get lazy sometimes at home.  And yeah, I know it does not take a ton of energy to stitch, but sometimes I just want to veg and watch a show.  Hence the reason I get more ORTs at work then at home.  (My long drawn out answer, haha).
However this will probably be changing soon due to my hubby started his job!  WOOOHOOOO!!!!  Can you say it with me??  So because of this, my dearest daughter and myself will have some time to sit and wait for him to get off of work.  Sounds like a great opportunity for me to stitch doesn't it??  Yep, it does.  So starting the second week of January, that is exactly what will be happening.  I will probably be bringing along one of my smaller 15 with me so that I don't have "issues" with bringing one of the larger ones. 

So onto another topic.. 
Right after we heard about my bunches aunt having lung cancer, we found out that his uncle passed away in AR.  (Separate aunt and uncle btw, he has quite a few of them).  From what he was told by him mom, his uncle was out hunting and didn't come in for lunch.  His buddies went looking for him and found him peacefully resting up against a tree.  He died from a heart attack.  Although very sad, it does help to know that he died doing something that he truly loved.  We haven't heard anything more yet on when services or where services will be, but I am hopeful we will soon.
And since I am on such a somber topic, I would like to say that my heart goes out to all that were effected by the CT shooting.  I will continue to keep them in my thoughts.

And another topic..  (to bring back the good mood)
Who is ready for Christmas?  I am ready, although I have a couple of things to wrap, all persons are shopped for!  I even got something for my hubby that he doesn't know about!  A rare occurrence indeed.  I would tell you, but he does know that I blog and he also has the link.  I do not know however if he reads my blog.  I am hoping to get back out here for another blogging session prior to Christmas, however if I do not, I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!  May you get everything you wish for. 

I leave you with a song title that seems fitting for today, (although I am not a believer). 
It's the End of the World as We know it!  hahahaha

Monday, December 17, 2012

December TUSAL

I know I am late, sorry.  It has been crazy.

Here is my home TUSAL:  (sorry it is so dark)
Here is my work TUSAL: 

Now to combine them and make something pretty!  I will post tonight or tomorrow on more of everything that is going on. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

It will be late

My TUSAL will be a day late. 

Found out this morning that my honey's aunt, who helped raise him, has lung cancer.

It's not the best day...  :(

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


It's 12/12/12!  Go and buy a lottery ticket, or make a wish at 12:12.
I will try to get out here and give you an update of all things me and my world soon.
Until then, have a wonderful day!!!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Day 10 of the 2012 Advent Calendar

Well hello there.  Welcome to day 10 of the 2012 Online Advent Calendar.  

This is my first time doing the advent calendar and I am super happy to be able to be a part of it all.  Check out all of the days on the calendar for a treat on the eyes!

The theme this year is "Stocking, Sack or Something else?"  Our tradition in our house is stockings.  We do not have a mantel, so they are placed on the couch on Christmas eve and in the morning they are overflowing with gifts from Santa.  I can not seem to find any pictures from last year, and I seem to have lost the stockings, so will have to buy new ones for this year.  

We usually leave cookies and milk for Santa, and occasionally carrots for his reindeer.  Santa never forgets to bring everyone some goodies each year, some times big and sometimes small.

I have the following to show in the Christmas spirit.  Sorry there are no stocking pics.
Hangings done in 2011.

Hangings done in 2011.

Christmas tree 2012.

Christmas granny mouse, one of my favorites.


Another favorite.
I have done a few of the hangings, but the others are currently not with me.  Since working on such a large piece, (Unleashed), these are nice to do.  They were super fast to get finished and they are lovely to hang up at Christmas time.

The tree is not real, we go back and forth with having a "real" tree.  Last year, we planted the live tree that we had at my mother in laws.  

The 3 ornaments are my favorites.  The granny mouse always reminds me of my grandma.  

Well there you go.  I hope you enjoyed my day of the advent calendar as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you all!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

2012 Decorations at Work

L-R: Mark the Moose, Xmas Moose, Snowy Snowman

Snowflakes and holiday cheer where you wouldn't expect it.

K & M hard at work

More decorations.

Our Christmas Tree and Snowman. 

The lights are twinkling!

Wreath and clings on the window.
This is our room here at work.  We took about 3 days to decorate and now we are busy putting our customers gifts together.  We have a little bit of everything that we are giving out this year, from angel ornaments to notepads to kisses.  Kisses are always enjoyed by our customers, as we have sent them the past couple of years.  Here they are prior to being packaged:
Doesn't that just look yummy?  That is 60 bags of kisses thrown into a box and mixed around.  Last year I believe we went through that plus more, however we only sent the kisses last year.

Although I have been busy stitching each day, I don't have an updated picture right now of Unleashed. 
I am doing the advent blog hop, so check back on the 10th for my day!!

Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

And the Award goes To:

I have seen it around and have been watching as many different people awarded this or received this award.  It has now been received by me!  Thank you so much to Monique over at Cross Stitch Ramblings for gifting this to me.  I am honored, and so happy! 

Liebster is a German word meaning dearest, favorite or beloved. Liebster Awards are given by bloggers to other bloggers who have fewer than 200 followers, to spread the word and help newer bloggers gain wider recognition. 
1. Choose 5 bloggers with fewer than 200 followers to award the Liebster to.
2. Show thanks to the blogger who awarded the Liebster to you by linking back to their blog. 
3.  Post the award on your blog. List the bloggers you are giving awards to, with links to their sites, and comment on their blog to let them know that you have given them the award.

Now for those who I am sending this award onto:
  1. Vickie at A Stitcher's Story
  2. Minnie at All XX's
  3. Erica at Bits of My Own
  4. Erin at Fairy Tales & French Knots
  5. Chris at Tot Hill Farm Stitching

Thursday, November 29, 2012


First I would like to thank you all for thinking of, praying for, and wishing for my hubby to get the job.  I am so happy that he has got his foot in the door of what I am sure will be an amazing journey.  He will be doing what he loves and that isn't something that a lot of people can say. 
I have asked to be added to the 2013 crazy January challenge on yahoo but have still not heard anything on if I am accepted.  I am looking forward to it, and to me that is odd.  I am a one at a timer... guess not any more!

TMI time: Tuesday evening I started getting a headache at work.  By 7:00 that night it was a full blown migraine and I was in bed with a cold washcloth on my head trying to block out everything so that I could go to sleep.  Sound bothered me, light bothered me... it was horrid.  Last night I had another migraine, although not as bad.  My hubby and I are trying to figure out what is causing them.  He thinks it may be part of my pms.  I am thinking that may not be a bad guess.  He also thinks it may be a food trigger while on it's own, or while I during pms.  Both days/nights I had cheese.  Today I have not had any cheese, and although I have a faint headache right now, it is not anywhere near what I have had the last two days at this time.  Of course if it is part of my pms, that won't matter that I haven't had cheese...  That seems odd to say that, it really does.  But until I can figure out what the trigger is I have an open mind.

Needless to say, I have not stitched at home the last two evenings because of the migraines.  I do not stitch when I have a headache, migraine or when I am overly tired.  That for me = frogging.  And no thank you!

Our office space at work is getting all dolled up for Christmas.  I will post more pictures when we are done, (it's usually a 3 or more day process).  Here is the before pic, not all of the decorations are shown, but some are!

Happy Stitching everyone!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

He got it!

He got the job!!!!!!!

Calm Down

1 day and 3 hours.  That is how long it took for me to get annoyed at work after having 9 days off.  Seriously, it's funny how things just keep coming up that you thought were gone.
Example - I have been having an ongoing issue with one specific "customer" since 2010.  Yesterday it finally closed, I am hoping this time for good. 
How does this happen?  Does anyone know?  I basically told everyone that met on the '10 issue yesterday that I didn't care how it went away, but we needed to get it fixed so that it didn't come up again, ever.  I think they agreed. 
Any who...  On to other items that may be of interest to you or meh, maybe not.  lol

1 - My bunches has a follow up meeting today for the job he is trying to get.  He had his second interview last Wednesday and it went well.  Today when he got to school, the other 2 guys that were also going for the job asked my bunches if he had received an email and he stated that he did, and he was going into a meeting today to discuss it further.  The other guys didn't get an email like that.  I am hoping that is good news.  So, I am hoping that good news will be coming out of this.
2 - I got minimal stitching done on Unleashed while on vacation last week.  I am however starting to put aside around an hour each night so that I can stitch.  If I can find where the 2013 January challenge is, and sign up for it, I will have more than enough projects to work on and will need that hour each night!
3 - I get to be part of the Advent Calendar Blog Hop!!  I am thrilled beyond words.  I am going to start getting my post ready early so that I will have it all ready to go.  WOOHOO
4 - Blogging has actually made me calm down.  Awesome! 
5 - My bunches told me that I should drink a cup of tea a day, (antioxidants and all).  I have been and now I can't seem to get enough.  I have had 3 so far today.  Guess it's on to water after this cup is gone.  I have to drink a ton of that too, but at least it doesn't bother me much any more.
6 - How is everyone doing on their Christmas (yeah, I said it) shopping?

Keep your fingers crossed for my bunches!  I'll let you know when I hear!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  

We are about to head over to my sisters to gobble gobble!  

Enjoy your day and happy stitching!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A contest linky

Mel over at Epic Stitching is having a few contests.  See here and enter if you can!
What a great way to give back at the end of the year.

Love it!

Happy Turkey Day everyone (in the USA)!

And happy stitching!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A few things

Dearest Daughter did end up having lice, but only adults were found.  I did her head and went through her hair.  J bought all of the stuff, so I'm not sure what comb I used, but it worked wonderfully.  I have to do it again to day as it states you must follow up and do it again.  Happy to say, with checking her every single day since, we have not had any further lice show up, in the form or nit (egg) or adult!  Hubby and I did not get it either.
My bunches has a second interview tomorrow.  For those of you that have kept in him your thoughts and prayers for us, thank you!  Please continue to do so!  We really need this.  
Although I am off of work this week, I have yet to put any stitches into any of my ongoing WIPs.  I am hoping that today I will be able to do some stitching.
I got some Udderly Smooth hand cream as I saw it suggested by many on the forums and boards that I watch and am a part of.  This stuff is amazing.  So far I am loving it.
On the HAED freebie SAL for 2013, I have signed up to do Literate Dragon.  This will be my first Spangler art, although I am loving almost every thing that is charted on HAED that is by him.  His dragons are wonderful, and his houses that he does are amazing.  I am hoping to get at least 1 1/2 pages done, as I would love to get 2 or 3 more of the charts offered this year in the SAL.  I also am thinking that the rules this year are wonderful.  
I know I have asked this already, but for the life of me, I can not find the answer..  Where (if it is happening), do I sign up for the January challenge for 2013?  I have already begun to pick out the charts that I will be doing.  hehehe
I think my goals for next year are going to be to finish 3 more pages on Unleashed, so have pages 10, 11 and 12 complete.  Do 1 1/2 pages of the freebie SAL on HAED and to finish 3 other cross stitches, whether they be HAED or not.  Of course these might change before the end of the year.
I purchased some empty glass ornaments to put all of my orts in.  After the December TUSAL, I will be putting them all together.  I will post pics of course!
I am feeling better, but I am still not 100%.  I think I am around 92%, lol.  My right ear is kind of messed up.  Feels like I am getting an ear ache, but it doesn't hurt.  I just can't hear out of it very well.  I am hoping this goes away very soon, I don't like this feeling at all.
If you haven't done it yet, enter the December giveaway here and mention that I sent you if you could.  I would greatly appreciate it.
I am all over the place on this post aren't I?  Just trying to catch up on everything.  Here are a few pics from Fright fest:
Dear Daughter at the beginning of the day.
The twins with the main guy.  (Can't remember his name)
Clowning around
He was awesome!
Okay, those are the best ones.  We had a great time and enjoyed all of it.  I couldn't take pictures inside the "houses" so I could only do the outside stuff.  And they were moving so quickly most of the time that I couldn't get a very good picture.

I think that is it for right now.  Need to get some food in me and then do daughters hair.  Hopefully after that, I will be stitching.

Until then... happy crafting!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Looking foward to time off

I will be leaving work today and not coming back until the 26th.  I am really looking forward to it!  Originally when I took this time off, my hubby and daughter also had it.  Now, because my hubby is back in school, he doesn't get Monday thru Wednesday off.  He does get out a 2:00, so hopefully that won't be too bad.
I am thinking about blogging at home, so I may have an update during the week.  If not, I wish you all, (USA residents), a very Happy Thanksgiving!  Gobble, Gobble, Gobble!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

TUSAL and Updates

Being sick since last Tuesday cut down dramatically on my stitching time this past week.  I wasn't at work Tuesday afternoon through the rest of the week and I did nothing at home.  I did sleep a lot though...

So here is my TUSAL update for this month:  (the new part is the little tuft on the left).

A lot of brown.  Which is from:  

Unleashed by Anne Stokes.  Stitched on 18 ct black Aida.  2 over 1.  

Unleashed.  This is page 9 in progress.  Look at all that brown!!   It's a little blurry, sorry about that.

Okay, so what else?  Hmm...

I despise one of my co-workers.  I really do.  I know that almost all people have one of those that they just don't get along with.  She gets my goat something awful sometimes.  I usually try to not let it get to me, but sometimes it is very hard.  Trying to be the bigger person sucks sometimes.  Seriously.  Take today for instance, it was just her and me.  She has this thing where if I piss her off, she doesn't talk to me.  Which of course doesn't bother me, but makes in a tad hard to work together if there is no communication.  I have no idea what I did, and I am not going to ask her.  It made for a very interesting day, with no talking except for when absolutely needed.  (Sometimes I wonder how to piss her off just so she won't talk to me... Yeah.  Read the name of my blog).
Our daughter goes to daycare... well I don't consider it daycare anymore.  But it is the same woman, J, who has watched her since she was about 3. J calls me this morning to let me know that DD may have been subjected to lice.  WHAT?!?!?!  Great.  So J took the day off and is going to check DD when she arrives after school.  Guess this will be fun.  I am hoping for the best! 
My bunches has an interview tomorrow.  Please keep him in your thoughts, we really need for him to get a job.  Even if it is part time. 

So with not being on to read up on all of the blogs I follow because I was sick, I did that the majority of today.  I was super happy to go Serendipitous Stitching, here and find that I had won the drawing.  I have posted my email addy on the post so I am hoping to hear from Jo soon.  Thank you Jo!  Go check out her blog if you haven't yet!

Because the holiday's are quickly approaching and the new year is not far behind, I need to start looking into what my goals (stitchy related) will be for 2013.  And in hopes that there is a January SAL to start a new one each day, or the first 15 days, (whichever), I need to see what I will be doing for that as well.  (Anyone know if there will be one yet for next year?  I have received a few links, but I haven't found anything definite yet).  Of course I know that since I have posted that, there probably is something up and I haven't seen it...  I am also thinking that HAED will be doing another freebie SAL this year, but they won't be announcing that for probably another couple of weeks.

OH!  before I forget, I have quite a few new followers and I would like to say: HOWDY!  Thanks for coming, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy your stay while here.  If you blog and I am not yet a follower, leave me a note and I will follow your blog too!  :) 


Monday, November 12, 2012

Yep, I'm still around

Been a bit under the weather for almost a week now.  Took 3 1/2 days off of work.  I'm back now and will have an update tomorrow.
Now I have to try to catch up on all the blogs I follow!!  wow!

Tomorrow is the TUSAL update!  I promise to have more then!

Ta ta!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

December Giveaway - HUGE!

HERE - If you can mention that I sent you, that would be wonderful!

I wish everyone the bestest of luck!

Win big!

Vote and be silly!

Bleh, I feel like I have been run over by a freight train.  My throat hurts and I have no energy whatsoever.  I hate being sick.
On the way to work, go to call in to see if maybe I should just take the day off, my phone is dead.  Figure, ok, my bunches gets out of school at 2:00, I will just hang in there until that time and leave a little early.
Get here, and my boss sends an email.  My co-worker that I like, K, her mother in law passed away this morning.  She has been in the hospital for a little over a week I believe and has not been doing well.  I feel so bad for her and her hubby.  I ask that you all keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

As for me, I will stick it out.  I have the attention span of a (insert name of something that has a very short attention span here), so I hope no one expects me to get much done at work.

As for stitching.  I have been working steadily on Unleashed.  I am still hopeful to finish another page this year. 

I know I owe you all pictures of Fright fest and of the flower fairy cross stitch I am doing for my daughter.  I am hoping to get those on here at some point!

Oh, go vote!!

I leave you with this:  my hubby being silly.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween Wordless Wednesday

My pumpkin that I carved for a carving contest at work.
My daughter as the Queen of hearts.
 After I did her lips.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Are you afraid of clowns?

Howdy everyone!  I have more followers.  Welcome and thank you for following.
Before going into my weekend and the events that happened, I would like to say that I hope everyone on the East Coast stays safe!  I am hopeful that Sandy is not as big as they say she is.  You will all be in my thoughts and prayers.

Let's see..  So my weekend was quite busy.  Friday night I really don't remember what we did, but I know we got home later than normal and I slept horribly that night. 
Saturday was filled with laundry and running around trying to get stuff done.  I got a little bit of stitching in on Unleashed, but not much. 
Sunday we went to Fright Fest.  Oh my, it was fun.  We took my nephew with us, as he knows the lay of the land.  We went to all of the haunted houses.  They were much much fun.  I got scared a few times, but it wasn't horrible.  I think the thought of someone being around each and every corner was scarier than there actually having someone be there.  Hope that made sense.  I didn't take too many pictures, as you can't inside the houses.  But we did get a few pictures walking around.  The clowns were awesome. 
Speaking of, holy crap a lot of people are afraid of clowns!  I was in shock of the amount of people that would seriously flip out if one came near them.

We didn't get home last night until after 10:00pm and we were all quite tired.  My feet are still hurting me today and my bunches said he is hurting as well.  Dearest Daughter was of course just fine.  (Nephew was fine also).  Oh to be young again!  To turn around and get up at 5:15, I was not a very chipper person this morning, nor am I chipper now. 

If you have a Discovery Kingdom around you and are able to attend their fright fests, you should do so.  They are great fun.  Of course, if you have a small(er) child who should not be taken through them houses, please do not do so.  The amount of adults who were taking their 7 to 8 year old children through amazed me.  Seriously people?  No one wants to hear your child scream at the top of her voice that she wants to get out and not go into any more.  Only for you to take her to the next one....   Dolts!

I keep seeing the WiPocalypse around and I don't believe I will participate in that.  However, I am occasionally seeing people post regarding something where they have a new start for each day of January.  Where would I sign up for this for 2013?  Any information/links would be appreciated!

Until next time, peace out!  lol

Friday, October 26, 2012


Tis Friday.  And I'm tired.  ^Like that, although that isn't me, it might as well be.  I feel like I could just sleep just about anywhere right now.  The floor looks good and I know that the janitorial service doesn't vacuum in here very often. 
How do I know that you may be asking yourself?  Well about 2 weeks ago I dropped part of a goldfish cracker.  (Well that's not even a real fish. No, that's a goldfish cracker.) - Matthew Perry on Friends.
Do you see it?  I mean seriously people, vacuum the damn floor!  Isn't that your job? 
Anywho.  Even with that on the ground, it still looks comfy...  maybe not right there, but you know what I mean.  Yeah, you do. 

I am going to try my hardest to work on Unleashed this weekend.  We might go to fright fest though, not sure yet.  Maybe I will do a little on Siberian Forest if I think about it.  My heart is with Unleashed though.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Update and link to a Giveaway!

Mii Stitch is having a Giveaway.  I love give aways!  Follow the rules and enter if you can!

So a small life update.  My hubby started school again, I think I put that on here somewhere.  Anywho, he got 29 credits transferred over from his school he was going to, so to get his A.A.S. it should only take a year rather than two.  This makes me very happy.  He also has put in an application to work at the school in their IT, so he would get experience as well.  I am hoping that he gets it, so keep your fingers crossed. 
Dear Daughter is going to be the red queen from Alice in Wonderland for Halloween.  We are going to get her hair dyed probably Monday or Tuesday of next week.  She has been wanting red anyways, so that works perfectly.  She actually chose the red queen partly because of the hair color... lol!  She has her costume and all of the accessories to go with it.  We bought that about a month or so ago.  (Wanted to make sure that she had what she wanted before everyone started selling out of stuff.

I have been working 11 1/2 hour days this week, so I have not been stitching at home at night.  With not a lot of sleep, I don't want to stitch only to have to frog it later.  I have done enough frogging on Unleashed to last a lifetime, thank you very much.  I am working on him on my lunch break still, so he is getting some love.
Siberian Forest isn't getting much love at all.  I haven't stitched on him for about a month and a half now.  And my fairies I am doing for my daughter haven't seen the light of day in years....

Welcome to my new followers! 

Everyone have a great day!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wordless Wednesday (almost)

5 tornados touched down in Northern California.  (Picture from CBS Sacramento). 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend update

Welcome to Monday.  It was an okay weekend.  I got no stitching done whatsoever.  I got to hang with my bunches on Friday.  He did a few things at school and I waited for him.  Got to see a girl get chased by a turkey, it was a good time!  Gobble gobble gobble!
We went and bought my bunches a new jacket, it is a trench coat and he has wanted one forever.  We are having it dry-cleaned now.  We are paying more for it to be cleaned than we did when we purchased it.  (Aren't 50% off sales wonderful)!  He also got a new pair of slacks as well as he has to dress nice for school.
Saturday and Sunday pretty much run together.  I don't feel like I accomplished a whole bunch, but I do feel like I got a few things done. 
DD asked last night as I was getting her settled into bed, "why are the weekends so fast?"  Yeah, I don't have an answer for that other than they just are.  There are too many days included in the "work week" and not enough in the weekend.  Someone needs to do something about this!
It started raining last night, and was still raining when we left this morning.  I love the rain, but I hate driving in it.  Just add water to the people that don't know how to drive and it makes them 1000 times worse!  There were quite a few accidents and the commute to work was very slow. 
The Giants play tonight, in game 7.  Although I am not a follower of baseball, (please, don't throw anything at me), I root for the bay area teams, so I am rooting for the Giants to win tonight.  Go Giants!!! 
Just an FYI - I do follow football and I am a Raiders fan!   This man happened to be on a flight I took last year coming back into the bay area.  Had to take a picture!!

I've been checking out quite a few blogs lately and have added some on to my following list.  I really enjoy looking at others cross stitchy work.  (And other crafts).  I also noticed a have a few more followers!  Welcome and thank you. 
I started page 9 of Unleashed today at lunch.  He is looking very good if I do say so myself.  My half year goal on HAED is to have pages 7 thru 9 complete, so I have to get crackin!  I am going to bring him home with me tonight and see if I can finish off the first color of this page.  I am hope full that I can.  I don't have to cook dinner tonight, so that will help quite a bit.
Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, October 18, 2012


It's my Friday!  I get to take tomorrow off to spend with my bunches, (that's what I call my hubby).  Our daughter is staying the night at a friends house tomorrow, so we get some alone time for a little while.

I finished re-stitching the 2499 stitches on Unleashed.  Here is a pic:
He is wrinkled, but there he is.  I don't have an iron at work, ha!  Since he had to come off of the qsnaps to get gridded, I thought I would snap a quick picture of him.  I think he is looking wonderful. 

On a completely separate and sad note, I am thinking about my mom lately.  I really miss her. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

October TUSAL and Hubby Update

Georgia, Gooorrrrrgiiaaaaaa!  Sorry...  eh hem...

Here is my October Tusal pic: 

That is from the beginning of the year to current.  My bag at work, (you can see a corner of it), and my glass at home have now been combined into one.  Tada!  I think I am more than ready to grab me some empty ornaments and make a couple, what do you think?

My hubby started school today, he is going to his A.A.S.  I am so proud of him!  He is going to be doing hands on work plus he gets to do an externship. 

I got no stitching done this weekend... my own lazy butt fault.  I sat and watched Charmed, (as I am almost done with the series).  Not much else got done either.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Interesting Acronyms

In the adventures of perusing the interwebs, I often find things of interest.  Other times, things of oddness. 
Something I found that interested me - Background - I keep my threads in a bag (at work) and a glass (at home) for approximately a year.  I am going to make an ornament with it, but since I have been doing a lot of dark stitching (mostly black) I wanted to add a bit of color to it.  If you don't know, these old ratty threads have a name, which is ORT.  So, for future reference I will refer to my bag and glass as my ORT jar.  In my perusing different blogs, I found a lot of people mentioning a tusal.  They all had pictures of their ort jars and stated it was their monthly tusal update.  So, I finally found out what it is, and it is explained here: TUSAL 
In short tusal means totally useless stitch a long.  A nifty acronym if I've ever seen one.
I have joined, so the next full moon, which I believe is the 25th of this month, I will be combining my ort jars and posting a pic. 

Quick question, what does this acronym mean?  TLA

Have a great day everyone!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

You don't say...?

Well, it seems I have followers.  Wooohooo!  Thank you, and welcome! 

Update on my gift certificate that I won through HAED, I am still looking through the site.  I do have a wish list, but it just seems wrong to not look through all of the lovely charts that they have available before I make my decision.  I will let you all know what I have picked, (once I do).

Last night my hubby found out that he didn't get the job he was hoping for.  I know he is upset about it and it hurts me to see.  I was really hoping he would get this job, and I know he was too.  All things happen for a reason, at least I believe so.  But why is it taking so long for him to get a job?  There has to be a reason.  I thought it was because the "perfect" job was out there waiting for him.  And I swore that this was it, but apparently it isn't.  He is going to ask if he can do anything to try and get his foot in the door, maybe that will help some.

Darling daughter has a school dance this Friday.  She went to one last year, but that was it.  Her school has about 3-5 dances a year.  I am glad she is going, that is an experience that all people should have, if they have the ability to.  I hope she has a great time and I am looking forward to hearing about it afterwards. 

I know this is supposed to be wordless Wednesday, but I had to update and vent a little.  I will try harder on Wednesday's in the future.  So now, I leave you with a picture.  Have a wonderful Wednesday and see you all soon!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

I won

Pull the Other Thread (check out her blog) had a contest for a $20.00 gift certificate for HAED and I won!  I am amazed, and so happy!
Now I get to puruse the HAED site and see what I will get with my certificate.


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What is with people? (Take 1)

As I am sure there will be more, this is take 1 of "What is with people?"
There are times when I just don't understand people. Take my co-workers for instance.  Sometimes I get it, I really do.  Other times, I have to ask myself, WTF?
Why would you put donuts in the fridge?  They get stale and nasty.  Yet, my co-worker thinks that is the best way to keep them fresh.  I thought it was to store them so they are in an air tight container.  My bad.
Some people have to have the attention all on them.  I believe we all know someone like this don't we?  (I am not talking about a co-worker now).  I have tried my best to keep these types of people at arms length.  I have never really understood how these people work internally.  I don't see the need for someone always fawning over you.  I like the fact that I don't need someone paying attention to me 24/7/365.  How tiring would that be??
There are those that just scare the fricken crap out of you.  I swear one of the ladies that works with me (not a direct co-worker), has Schizophrenia.  Either that or multiple personalities.  I'm not really sure which, but she scares the crap out of me! 
There are those that are fake, yet try their hardest not to be.  I personally think you can tell the difference between those that are trying not to be and those that just don't give a rats ass. 
There are those who don't care what others think.  I personally was raised to think for myself.  Besides the people that mean the most to me, I really don't care what other people think of me, how I look, dress, have my hair, makeup or any other aspect of my life.  And to some points, I don't care what those closest think about me on some things.  I guess it just depends on what it is. 
I guess there are always going to be people that we don't like, get along with or just flat out hate.  I know hate is a strong word, and I don't believe it should be used lightly.  I have very few people I hate, less than a hand full to tell you the truth.  But I dislike a LOT of people.  Shocker?  heh

That is it for my rant today. 

Friday, September 28, 2012

Cross Stitch Update

Unleashed by Anne Stokes, Chart by Heaven & Earth Designs.

For those of you who enjoy crafts and possibly cross stitch, I give you Ruh.  He is the dragon cross stitch I am doing for my hubby.  This is page 8 which I completed today.  It's a little blurry, but I only have my phone at work with me, so it will have to do for now. 
For those that cross stitch, his stats are as follows:  18 count aida, 2 over 1, full cross stitch.  The chart can be found at www.heavenandearthdesigns.com  The artist is Anne Stokes.  He is a BAP!  Although not as large as some, he is 42 pages. 
I originally began working him on offwhite fabric, stitching the black background.  After 2 1/2 pages, I purchased some black fabric and am now not stitching the background. 
He previously looked like this:
I couldn't do it anymore... So black fabric it is.  A few people have told me that I am crazy for doing him on black, but so far it hasn't bothered me any.
Now that I have finished page 8, I have to go back through pages 1-6 and frog (take out) all of the stitches I did of 3371 due to a dye lot color change.  I am not happy about this and I am not looking forward to it, but I am hoping that it won't take too long.  Plus, once it is done, I will feel much better about having fixed it.
I have to work on Siberian Tiger (freebie SAL) this weekend as I have to put an update up this weekend.  Currently my tiger has maybe 200 stitches into him. 
At this time, those are my WIP's.  I don't really like to have numerous on the go.  One for work and one for home seem to be just fine for me!

If you are crafty, what are you working on?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Venture into new things

My daughter has this MP3, I don't know what brand it is.  It's black, thin and it's a touch screen.  Mind you, that in saying it is a touch screen, you have to PUSH the screen for it to do anything.  She thought she was going to break it the first time she used it. 
So the other day, my hubby bought the new Pink album and the new Green Day album.  I decided that while J was at school, I would put them onto her mp3.  So I go to turn it on and nothing.  I plug it in... 2 hours later I try to turn it on.  Whew, there is the screen.  Wait, what is this?  "no power, shutting down".  WTH?  I just had you plugged in for 2 hours!  Okay, so I tried everything possible to get this this to work and got nothing in return.  It is 2'ish years old, but come on, really?
So my hubby and I begin looking into other players.  We go pick up our daughter and decide we are going to go look at a few places. 
Please take a moment here to realize, we are NOT well off, we do not have a lot of money and we try not to spend hundreds of dollars on items that should cost much, much less than what they are selling for.  We get by with what we have and have some additional money each month to spend frivolously. 
So when I see some players going for $300.00, I have a small tirade. 
We have never, EVER purchased an apple product.  My husband is against this company for numerous reasons, and for the vast majority of them, I agree.  Seriously, $300.00 for a fricken mp3?
So we go into GameStop* and see that they now sell used mp3's and phones and tablets.  They are branching out.  They have a pretty good selection of all of the above and we were helped by a very knowledgeable gentleman who did his best to answer our apple questions, including Itunes questions.  We ended up buying her an Ipod, gen 5 for a very very good price.  She is in heaven now. 
We are still trying to figure out Itunes, but we are getting there slowly.  It is pretty self explanatory. 
Why did we buy this if my hubby is so against it?  Well, as he put it, he would rather spend more for something he knows will last then to spend money on something that is cheap and will break soon.  I agree.  My mp3 is still in good condition and I have been using it for a little over 2 years.  It is a no-name brand, but I enjoy it and it does what I want it to do.  When I need to upgrade, I will probably hit up GameStop again. 

*I am not employed by GameStop nor do I know anyone who is. 

Friday, September 21, 2012


Did you see it?  I didn't in person but I have seen tons of pictures.  This is probably my favorite as it is up close and personal.  This was taken near Los Angeles.

Have a great weekend everyone!  What are your plans for the weekend?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It's September 19th

Do you know what that be meaning me hearties? 

It's talk like a pirate day!  So everyone, talk like a pirate, or yer gonna walk the plank.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

ABC's of Me!

It’s a post to get to know me.  The ABC’s of me:

Age: 39
Bed Size – California King
Chore you hate – Cleaning.  Not any specific thing, just in general.  If I could afford a maid, I would have one!

Dogs – I love dogs and cats.  Cats don’t need as much care, in the sense of you can leave them alone the majority of the day while you are at work and they don’t care.  You can’t do that with all kinds of dogs.  I don’t think it’s fair to them.  Here are pics of my two kitties:  Oreo and Angel
Essential start to my day – Coffee coffee and coffee.  I have a large cup of coffee in the morning at home.  Usually I don’t have more after that, but I do occasionally enjoy a Caffino’s latte!  Yummm
Favorite color – Purple!
Gold or silver – More silver than gold.  Although I like both.
Height – 5′ 8 I believe.  Not 100% on that.
Instruments you play – None… I’m not instrument inclined at all. 
Job title:  Customer Service Representative
Kids – I have a wonderful daughter.
Live – In California.  Don’t believe all you hear, it is not sunny every single day here!
Mom’s Name – Jackie.  I miss my mommy.
Nicknames – Bunches, Donner, DJ
Overnight Hospital Stays – When I had my daughter, C-section.
Pet Peeve – Wow, I have a ton.  I guess the first one that popped into my head is:  When someone cuts you off and then they don’t drive.  If you are going to cut me off, get the hell moving!
Quote from a movie – Baby Ruth?
Right or left-handed – Right handed.
Siblings:  5 older sisters.
Time I wake up – During the week I get up at 5:00 am.  Weekends I get up at 9:30 or earlier depending on what is going on.
Underwear – Um, I am not sure how to answer this one.  Yes, I wear them.
Vegetables you don’t like – Okra… bleh, might as well eat snot.
What makes you run late – Traffic!
X-rays you’ve had – Teeth, kidney stones.
Yummy food you make – Cheesy potatoes
Zoo, what is your favorite animal – Lions and Tigers and big kitties!