Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

My bunches and I don't really celebrate Valentine's Day.  We tell each other and show each other our love every day, so there is not really a need for a certain day to be overly loving than another in both of our eyes.  I have in the past received gifts from him on Valentine's day, but I really don't need them, nor do I think he should pay the raised prices for items you can get most any other day for 50% less. 
Don't get me wrong, I love the surprise when I get flowers or a present.  But to me, if I get those on a day that isn't "special", it means so much more. 
When I was younger I really thought that it mattered that I received something and gave something for this holiday.  I heard on the news this morning that 53% of women would end their relationship with their significant other if they did not receive a gift for Valentine's Day.  Seriously??  That to me is just sad.
I you are someone who exchanges gift for Valentine's Day, good for you.  I mean no ill will or hard feelings or hurtfulness toward you in any manner. 

In honor of today, here is a picture of my bunches and I on our wedding day, back in 1996. 
Happy Valentine's Day all!


  1. It's funny because my hubby and I don't usually exchange gifts for VD, but I just happened to be in the drug store and saw his favorite chocolates, so I bout him a box in a heart shaped box. I got home and fave them to him and upon walking into my office saw a bouquet of flowers. It was a nice and unexpected surprise.

    I think those are the best - when it is a surprise. We aren't big VD celebrators. Well use it as an use to go out for a meal, but otherwise we pretty much ignore it.

    But it was a lovely surprise nonetheless.

    1. Those are the best. What a wonderful surprise for you, and for him!

  2. Amen! Love is soft and kind and should be shown daily. It sounds like you guys have a wonderful relationship. You and I are very lucky!
    Have a great weekend!

    1. That we are! Hope you are having a great weekend as well!