Thursday, November 13, 2014

November 13, 2014 Update

I was out on vacation Monday, then sick Tuesday and Wednesday.  So, here is the weekly update on Unleashed:
Look at that face!  Coming along quite well I think.  I am really enjoying the weekly updates and seeing the differences.  Although I don't feel like I am doing a lot, I guess I am.  :)

My bunches had his 40th on Saturday.  I made him waffles for breakfast, which he didn't know I was going to do.  We had to run an errand, so we ended up buying him the nice backpack he wanted.  (For computer usage), and then went and purchased him a new desk chair.  The chair just arrived yesterday and I'm sure that he will be putting it together this coming weekend.
He has been working so much lately, I'm sure he will be glad when his co-worker returns.  But I kind of hope that he stays in San Diego and my hubby gets SF.  He is doing a great job, but the hours and pay need to be much better.  A two hour commute home is not ideal.

Not much else.  Have a great week!!

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