Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I has a cold in my nose

I have a cold.  Other than the annoying nose running I feel fine.  The other day when I said I thought I was coming down with something, it went away for a day and a half and then came back as a runny nose.  When I went to bed last night, I thought for sure I was going to wake up numerous times during the night... nope.  Not once. 
Btw, show of hands, who loves NyQuil?  I love the stuff!  It is amazing. 
Saturday is all set for Daughters Birthday celebration.  We are taking her and some of her friends to Skyhigh (a trampoline place for those that don't know), so that they can jump around for 2 hours.  After that, we will take a few select friends to the mall and feed them and let them roam for a bit.  She is very happy with what we are doing and actually helped quite a bit in deciding what to do.  Initially we were going to take them all to see a movie, but yeah... apparently she doesn't want to see Warm Bodies.  Hehehe.  That is clickable if you would like to see the trailer.  I thought it looked like a good "I am now a teen" movie, but I guess not. 
Anywho, we got her a few plain shirts with some fabric markers as she has been asking for them for awhile.  We are also going to get her some yellow tennis shoes.  I am not 100% sure why she wants yellow, but that is what she asked for. We aren't sure yet what else to get her, but figured that we would give her some spending money for when they are wandering the mall.
We are having the family celebration Friday night with family so she gets that separate then the celebration with her friends.  I think it will work out well.
I have not finished Pikachu!.  The weekend was not the bestest, as the hubby and I were in disagreement (arguing) the majority of it.  I didn't work on my stitching at all.  Not happy about that, but not much I can do now.  I will be working on Pikachu! tonight though, so hopefully he will be a finish asap!  Then on to Mario.  YEAH!  (Hubby and I have made up btw).
I am so very close to finishing page 9 of Ruh.  I only have a couple of colors left!  It is so interesting to me that as I work on him I don't see the detail, but when I take a picture and look at it, I can see it all.  I love how much detail he has and the colors used in getting there.  Just amazing.  Michele and crew do great work over at HAED!  Hopefully the next update I have of him will be a finish of page 9!

Happy Stitching!


  1. Sorry about your cold. Get well soon! Have a good time stitching Pikachu. You're so close to a finish. Ruh looks amazing and so 3-D, like he's coming right out of the fabric!

    1. I am much better now, thank you!
      I agree, he is 3-D'ish isn't he?
      Thank you!

  2. OMG SO TRUE!!!! It took me taking a photo of my current project and comparing it to the original picture to see the design emerge. Before that I had a serious case of WTF - this isn't even close to the picture!

  3. Awesome stitching. Hope you are on the mend soon:)

    1. Thank you!
      And I am feeling much better now!