Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January TUSAL and Other Updates

If you don't know what the TUSAL is, check out the linky on the side ~~> 
It isn't totally useless IMHO, but I get to make ornaments when the year is over so... yeah, I am a little biased. 
Without further ado, here is my TUSAL for January, (sorry it is a couple days late).
Sorry the picture is a little funky.  I tried to take another one from over the top and it was horrid.  Anywho, this is from Unleashed, Mario and Pikachu!.  My hubby and I went to a hospice thrift shop and found this wonderful ORT jar for me.  It was a whopping $1.00 with 30% off.  I washed it up and pulled all of my ORT's together and plopped them in.  Tada!  
I am making some lovely progress on Pikachu! and Mario.  They are both outlined in black and Pikachu is now about a quarter covered in yellow.  My daughter and hubby have decided that they should be magnets.  Although my hubby is thinking a key chain for Mario as he wants to put him on his backpack.
Speaking of, my hubby just finished his first semester at school and got straight A's!  Computer hardware, computer software and an english class (can't remember which one).  He starts his next classes next week.  He will have 3 classes again, forensics, another computer class and another english class.  I really can not remember the names of them.. sorry.  LOL
Our daughter decided, only a few short days after having her new phone, that it needed to take a bath.  Yeah... she doesn't have it right now as it isn't working very well under the circumstances.  It turns on, but makes a crackling sound.  If you try to call out it is fine, but you can't hear anything and when you talk the person can't hear you.  Tried texting and it goes out fine, but when the phone gets a text, it freaks the hell out.  Kinda scary.  So, we have it in rice and we are checking with our carrier to see what the warranty covers.  She is not the happiest person right now, but you know what?  She was careless and did it herself.  She has no one to blame but herself.  She was given the rules and guidelines.  If it isn't covered by warranty and the rice fix doesn't work, she gets a super crappy phone!  woohoo!  I know she will be so happy about that.
Hmm what else?  OH!  The saga of my co-worker.  So yesterday I am sitting here doing my job and minding my own business.  My good co-worker and bad co-worker are having a conversation and it goes something like this:
good - you know that you answered the customer incorrectly
bad - oh, i didn't look at the orders, i just assumed that the product wasn't available right now
good - well you know what happens when you assume...
bad - yeah, it makes Donna an Ass.
Excuse me??  Was I in your conversation?  No.  Did I snicker or make any comments whatsoever during this convo between the two of them?  No.  Had I even bit the smallest bit rude prior to this?  No.  It was early in the day.  My response to her btw was that I did not want to comment due to I like my job. She didn't talk to me the remainder of the day.  About an hour and a half later I sent a note to my boss stating what had happened.  Haven't heard anything back from him on it.
Am I being overly sensitive about this?  Should I have just laughed it off?  I keep thinking of what I would have said/done if good co-worker would have said this to me.  But then I think, "good co-worker wouldn't say that".  
Meh, today is another day.  

I am hoping to post a picture soon of Pikachu!  
Until next time, later!  hehe


  1. That's a beautiful container for your ORTs! Magnet and keychain sound like great ideas.

    Your work situation sounds awful. :-(

    1. Thank you.
      And yeah, my work situation sometimes is awful. Luckily, she is going to be gone from 10 am tomorrow until Tuesday! Woohoo

  2. Nice TUSAL jar, at a bargain price as well :D You did the right thing with bad co-worker when keeping boss in the loop... Would she by any chance read this blog?? (I'm on about bad co-worker)?? Sounds like she's just enjoying making your life a misery at work, it's a bit like bullying!!! WHAT A COW, tell her that from me :P

    1. I doubt she would read this. It would be something that she probably wouldn't be interested in.
      LOL, she is a cow! :) Thank you!

  3. Bad - Yeah it makes Donna an Ass
    You - Yeah, because I look like an ass explaining your screw-ups to the customer.
    I used to work with a numpty like her, he once added three things in three different currencies together without bothering to convert them all to the same currency! I asked what rate of exchange he'd used and he honestly said he didn't use one!! Luckily I spotted it before the client saw it.

    1. Glad you caught it first. I do not like people like this.
      Glad you don't work with him any more, sounds like he was a real winner...

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