Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Week of 10/27/14 Update

From last week to yesterday, I have done quite a bit actually.  More than I thought I had!
Not sure if I will work on him today or not.  I am leaving early and I don't know if I am taking a lunch yet or not.  Hmm.  I guess it will depend on how busy work is, and by the way it is right now, I will be taking a lunch!
My hubby has put his resume in for a new job, and I am hoping that he gets it.  It would mean less commute time for him, (20 minutes instead of 45 min - 2 hours), and no bridges.  It would be about the same price range but the gas and toll costs would go down dramatically.  
Dearest Daughter had her first flag show during the half time game at her school this past weekend.  She did great.  She is now being taught all routines so that she is ready to go for the next show.  From what she told me yesterday, when they were teaching her, they told her that she was doing really well and that she was a quick learner.  (I think it runs in the genes)!  I was a flag girl and then went to front banner.  I loved the 3 years I did.  She is loving it so far too!  
Not much else is going on.  Been rather slow on the house hunting.

Have a great week! 


  1. Your dragon is amazing! The colours are great.

    I have no idea what a flag girl is, is it like cheerleading? Glad your DD enjoys it anyway!

    1. Thank you!
      I posted on my most recent update about what a flag girl is, but in short it is also called color guard. Hope that helps! And thank you, she is loving it!