Thursday, September 27, 2012

Venture into new things

My daughter has this MP3, I don't know what brand it is.  It's black, thin and it's a touch screen.  Mind you, that in saying it is a touch screen, you have to PUSH the screen for it to do anything.  She thought she was going to break it the first time she used it. 
So the other day, my hubby bought the new Pink album and the new Green Day album.  I decided that while J was at school, I would put them onto her mp3.  So I go to turn it on and nothing.  I plug it in... 2 hours later I try to turn it on.  Whew, there is the screen.  Wait, what is this?  "no power, shutting down".  WTH?  I just had you plugged in for 2 hours!  Okay, so I tried everything possible to get this this to work and got nothing in return.  It is 2'ish years old, but come on, really?
So my hubby and I begin looking into other players.  We go pick up our daughter and decide we are going to go look at a few places. 
Please take a moment here to realize, we are NOT well off, we do not have a lot of money and we try not to spend hundreds of dollars on items that should cost much, much less than what they are selling for.  We get by with what we have and have some additional money each month to spend frivolously. 
So when I see some players going for $300.00, I have a small tirade. 
We have never, EVER purchased an apple product.  My husband is against this company for numerous reasons, and for the vast majority of them, I agree.  Seriously, $300.00 for a fricken mp3?
So we go into GameStop* and see that they now sell used mp3's and phones and tablets.  They are branching out.  They have a pretty good selection of all of the above and we were helped by a very knowledgeable gentleman who did his best to answer our apple questions, including Itunes questions.  We ended up buying her an Ipod, gen 5 for a very very good price.  She is in heaven now. 
We are still trying to figure out Itunes, but we are getting there slowly.  It is pretty self explanatory. 
Why did we buy this if my hubby is so against it?  Well, as he put it, he would rather spend more for something he knows will last then to spend money on something that is cheap and will break soon.  I agree.  My mp3 is still in good condition and I have been using it for a little over 2 years.  It is a no-name brand, but I enjoy it and it does what I want it to do.  When I need to upgrade, I will probably hit up GameStop again. 

*I am not employed by GameStop nor do I know anyone who is. 

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