Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Vote and be silly!

Bleh, I feel like I have been run over by a freight train.  My throat hurts and I have no energy whatsoever.  I hate being sick.
On the way to work, go to call in to see if maybe I should just take the day off, my phone is dead.  Figure, ok, my bunches gets out of school at 2:00, I will just hang in there until that time and leave a little early.
Get here, and my boss sends an email.  My co-worker that I like, K, her mother in law passed away this morning.  She has been in the hospital for a little over a week I believe and has not been doing well.  I feel so bad for her and her hubby.  I ask that you all keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

As for me, I will stick it out.  I have the attention span of a (insert name of something that has a very short attention span here), so I hope no one expects me to get much done at work.

As for stitching.  I have been working steadily on Unleashed.  I am still hopeful to finish another page this year. 

I know I owe you all pictures of Fright fest and of the flower fairy cross stitch I am doing for my daughter.  I am hoping to get those on here at some point!

Oh, go vote!!

I leave you with this:  my hubby being silly.

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