Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Well, usually it is wordless Wednesday, but today I give you the fire that started Saturday afternoon and is now 70% contained with full containment expected on Friday.  This is Mt. Diablo, and as of this morning, the fire is a little over 3000 acres.
I took this pic in a parking lot on Sunday.  No clouds in the sky, that is all smoke.

Photo from

Photo from
I think I need to brush up on my photo skills as the other two are by far more showing than mine.  
As of this morning, you can't see any smoke from Mt. Diablo, which is great.  I know that each and every person fighting this has done an amazing job.  Seeing the fire at night was a site to behold, but not one I would ever want to see again if that makes any sense.

Also, as this is 9/11/13 - I would like to give my heartfelt thoughts out to all on this anniversary of one of the most tragic events.


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