Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Wins and Fires and More!

I won a blog contest over at Keebles World and here is what I received!

Sorry the one is sideways, I really don't get why that happens.  So I received all of these in the mail as my winnings!  
I started this blog after my hubby and daughters first trip to Disneyland in CA in April of 2012.  I had gone twice before, but it was many many years ago.  My hubby and daughter had a wonderful time.  They loved every single ride and enjoyed themselves to the fullest.  I may have to do a flashback post.  Hmm
Anywho, when I opened this wonderful piece of parcel, the first one to catch my eye was the Pirates.  My hubby LOVED this ride, so I knew right off the bat that this one was going to him.  My dearest daughter decided that she wanted the Off with her head one, as she was the red queen last year for Halloween.  (I do have a post on that, with pics).
The others, (love Tink!), are all mine!  And I will adore then and keep them safe from harm.
So thank you, thank you and thank you again for these wonderful pins.  They are simply precious.

I posted that we had a pretty big fire close by on Mt. Diablo.  Well, Claycord posted an amazing photo yesterday of Mt. Diablo from last year when it had snow and not a month ago when it was on fire.  I give you - "Fire and Ice"

On to stitchy news.  I have been working on Unleashed, or Ruh as I call him.  I am close to another page finish and will post a pic when it is complete.  I am hoping by the end of this week, but it might be early next week.  Not sure right now as I haven't chosen which black portions I am stitching yet.

Have a wonderful day and oh yeah, welcome to Autumn!!!


  1. Fabulous pins! The fire pic is amazing.
    Keep stitching!!

  2. The Mt. Diablo fire pics are stunning. With all of its beauty and fierceness, nature certainly gives on reason to pause.