Wednesday, August 12, 2015

August 12, 2015

So I have been diagnosed with a rash.  They don't know what caused it and I don't know anything "new" that I have used so there is no way to determine what it was that made me break out.  It is on my legs, torso and arms.  It itches so badly it is insane, and it is making me insane.  I am on some steroids to hopefully get rid of it.  We shall see.  I was feeling better yesterday after the first dose but the second dose doesn't seem to be helping much.  I am still rather itchy.
Over the weekend hubby and I found an elliptical for me to use.  Although it is now sitting on our balcony and I can't use it (due to the rash), I can't wait to start up on it.  I am going to give it a couple of days and then (hopefully) my rash will be gone and I can get to steppin'.
Because of my wonderful rash, I was out sick from work on Monday and Tuesday so I didn't get much done on Ruh after my last update.  I will say that page 20 is almost complete though and then I will have completed my yearly goal through the HAED bulletin board.  I made a mid year goal to finish page 21 so hopefully I can get that done too.
My other HAED yearly goal is to finish 2 pages of a new start.  Storykeep Giraffe by Annya Kai which I am stitching for my co-worker K.  I finally started!!!  After getting my bobbins bobbinated, I finally started!  I am pleased that I have already finished 1 color on pages 1 & 2.  (I will be working 2 pages at a time).  So far I am loving the colors, even though I am currently only on the second color...
I leave you with a picture of my new Giraffe WIP, (Gir),  and my new elliptical (well, new to me).
Gir update from 8/10/15

My elliptical!
Happy Stitching!!!

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