Thursday, August 6, 2015

August 6, 2015

So I am going to focus on the positive for this post and tell you all about our trip to Disneyland.  We just went over this past weekend and had a great time.  My hubby works for a company based down in Southern California.  Each year, they have a managers meeting and it is at Disneyland.  This year, we got a 2 day hopper pass and got to stay at the Grand California hotel inside the California Adventure side of the park.  
The hotel was great and we found a few of the "hidden Mickey's" around the hotel.  I got to meet quite a few of his co-workers and their families.  It was a bit overwhelming, but we got through it just fine.  I really enjoyed meeting a few of them and hope to actually keep in touch with them.
Disneyland had so many people it was insane.  We have been there before in August, but this was far busier than before.  Most lines took around 45 minutes or longer.  Some were 85, (Cars ride, I am pointing my finger at you).  We finally went on Tower or Terror and omgoodness we all loved that ride.  We rode it 3 times I believe, so awesome.  
I didn't take any pictures as I don't think I ever brought my phone into the parks.  DD and Hubby did though, but I haven't had them send me the pics yet.  
We flew down and it was DD's first time flying.  She loved it and had no issues whatsoever.  She is still there with her girlfriend, they drive back up on Saturday.  She is having a great time and has sent me a few pics.  She finally got to meet Alice and she was super excited about it.  
We flew home on Monday and went back to work on Tuesday.  That was hard to do, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do...
In stitchy news, I am moving right along on Ruh.  Page 20 is coming close to an end.  I am still loving working on him and enjoy the time that I get with him each day (M-F).  My goal for the year is to finish pages 17-20 and I am almost done with that.  My other goal is to finish 2 pages of a new start.  Guess I need to get on that.  I have been getting closer to starting my giraffes at home, but haven't gotten there quite yet.
I shall leave you with my page 20 update on Ruh.
Ruh, progress on page 20.
Have a wonderful day!

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