Wednesday, October 10, 2012

You don't say...?

Well, it seems I have followers.  Wooohooo!  Thank you, and welcome! 

Update on my gift certificate that I won through HAED, I am still looking through the site.  I do have a wish list, but it just seems wrong to not look through all of the lovely charts that they have available before I make my decision.  I will let you all know what I have picked, (once I do).

Last night my hubby found out that he didn't get the job he was hoping for.  I know he is upset about it and it hurts me to see.  I was really hoping he would get this job, and I know he was too.  All things happen for a reason, at least I believe so.  But why is it taking so long for him to get a job?  There has to be a reason.  I thought it was because the "perfect" job was out there waiting for him.  And I swore that this was it, but apparently it isn't.  He is going to ask if he can do anything to try and get his foot in the door, maybe that will help some.

Darling daughter has a school dance this Friday.  She went to one last year, but that was it.  Her school has about 3-5 dances a year.  I am glad she is going, that is an experience that all people should have, if they have the ability to.  I hope she has a great time and I am looking forward to hearing about it afterwards. 

I know this is supposed to be wordless Wednesday, but I had to update and vent a little.  I will try harder on Wednesday's in the future.  So now, I leave you with a picture.  Have a wonderful Wednesday and see you all soon!

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