Thursday, October 11, 2012

Interesting Acronyms

In the adventures of perusing the interwebs, I often find things of interest.  Other times, things of oddness. 
Something I found that interested me - Background - I keep my threads in a bag (at work) and a glass (at home) for approximately a year.  I am going to make an ornament with it, but since I have been doing a lot of dark stitching (mostly black) I wanted to add a bit of color to it.  If you don't know, these old ratty threads have a name, which is ORT.  So, for future reference I will refer to my bag and glass as my ORT jar.  In my perusing different blogs, I found a lot of people mentioning a tusal.  They all had pictures of their ort jars and stated it was their monthly tusal update.  So, I finally found out what it is, and it is explained here: TUSAL 
In short tusal means totally useless stitch a long.  A nifty acronym if I've ever seen one.
I have joined, so the next full moon, which I believe is the 25th of this month, I will be combining my ort jars and posting a pic. 

Quick question, what does this acronym mean?  TLA

Have a great day everyone!


  1. The next full moon is actually the 15th of October! Sorry for the mis-guidance.

  2. Love the name of your blog!!! Sometimes, I'm not so nice either! LOL Just a little note..the TUSAL is actually on the "new Moon" not the full moon. There's something else that everyone posts on the full moon, I can't remember what it is. But yes...the new moon is October 15th this month.

  3. Thank you! Ahh, new moon it is then! I will have to make sure I pay attention to that.

  4. Barbi, the WIPocalypse is on the new moon! See Measi's Musings for details. Link in the sidebar of my blog for it too.